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Today: Saturday, 31 July 2021
IVEPET Lhasa Apsos
Kennel Lhasa Apso
  • Lhasa Apso Exhibitions
    Lhasa Apso Exhibitions

    Our kennel Lhasa Apso Ivepet participates regularly in the local, international and world exhibitions. What kind of success achieved by our dogs can be seen in the Exhibitions section.
  • Lhasa Apso Puppies for sale
    Lhasa Apso Puppies for sale

    Looking for a Lhasa Apso puppy or a faithful friend, partner, friend, family pet? In our kennel find exactly what you are looking for.
  • Why puppy with pedigree?
    Why puppy with pedigree?

    In our kennel Lhasa Apso puppies reared with pedigree. Because some would-Lhasa Apso puppies do not have an idea of what PP is, trying to explain it to you.
  • Lhasa Apso our Champions
    Lhasa Apso our Champions

    Dogs from our kennel regular check is placed on the leading positions in trade fairs and manage to gain international Champion of the Republic. How many titles have received our dogs, see the section of Our champions.
  • Lhasa Apso News
    Lhasa Apso News

    Would you like to learn more about what is happening in our kennel Lhasa Apso? In the News section you can find everything you need.
  • Lhasa Apso Gallery
    Lhasa Apso Gallery

    In the gallery section you can find a dogs, which did not participate in the dog shows, but also the others, which successfully represent our breeding at home and abroad.
  • Guestbook

    If you like our site or our dogs, write about it. Or, if you want to know something you haven't found on the site Lhasa Apso Ivepet, leave us your contact and we'll be glad to answer you.

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Kennel Lhasa Apso - IVEPET

Kennel Lhasa Apso IVEPET

The Lhasa Apso race is one of the few races originating from the harsh mountains of Tibet. This race was risen as a sacred symbol for many centuries not only as a guardian dog but also for luck and happiness bringing to their owners – the Tibetan monks. They believed in reincarnation into a Lhasa Apso after the death and that´s why it wasn’t possible to buy this small furry dog. It was possible to give them as a gift only to important guests. That´s how the first ones got to England where the breeding began in the thirties.

ICH. Semplicemente dell´Alberico, Lhasa Apso Our Kennel Lhasa Apso has been actuating 20 years. In this period there actuate import dogs.

Male – ICH. Semplicemente dell´Alberico ("Marco") - import from Italy, he´s the Interchampion, champion of 6 countries: Slovakia, Poland, Czech Republic, Croatia, Austria, Romania, candidate champion of Germany. He´s Grandchampion of Slovakia, Winner of Slovakia, Juniorchampion of Slovakia

ICH. Ti La Shu O´Ivepet, Lhasa Apso Lhasa Apso female - ICH. Ti La Shu O´Ivepet ("Shony") - imported from Germany.

She´s the Interchampion, Champion of Slovakia, Poland, Czech republic, Austria ,Croatia, Hungary and Sweden, the Juniorchampion of Croatia, Czech republic, Slovakia and Romania, the Winner of Slovakia, TOP LHASA-females of the year 2006,2nd of the year 2009, BIS puppy I., BIS Junior I., BIG I., BIS I...

ICH. Clavius Ivepet, Lhasa Apso We also have a Lhasa Apso male from our breed – ICH. Clavius Ivepet ("Clavko").

He´s the Interchampion, champion of 6 countries – Slovakia, Poland, Czech republic, Hungary, Rumania and Sweden, Grandchampion of Slovakia, The Junior club Winner, BIS Junior 2004, The club winner 2005, National winner, BIG II., BIS III., Juniorchampion of Slovakia, candidate for champion of Austria, multi CAC, CACIB, BOB. "Clavko" is in the co-operation at the swedish Kennel Yangadoo´s in this period.

Yangadoo´s Montoya, Lhasa Apso In december 2008 we brought young Lhasa Apso male called Yangagoo´s Montoya ("Toya") from the Kennel Yangadoo´s. We started to visit shows with Toya since Spring 2009.

Until the end of the year 2010 Toya has became the Champion of six countries: Serbia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Austria, he fullfilled the conditions to get the title of Interchampion, he became the Grandchampion of Slovakia and Czech Republic and get the qualification on the Cruft´s 2010 & 2011, multiple CAC, CACIB, BOB...

JIM BEAM Ivepet, Lhasa Apso The next male from our breeding, who stayed in our co-operation and he´s at our Kennel Lhasa Apso, is called GCH. Jim Beam Ivepet ("Jimko").

Jimko get some championships during the short time: Junior Club Winner 2008, Juniorchampion of Slovakia, Champion of Serbia & Bulgaria, Grandchampion of Bulgaria, Balkan Champion, he´s candidate for champion of Slovakia, Austria and candidate for interchampion. Multi CAC, CACIB, , BIG I. & res. BIS on IntShow in Sofia...

CH. HIGH HOPES Ivepet, Lhasa Apso In our Kennel Lhasa Apso acts a young female HIGH HOPES Ivepet ("Happy") which become the Juniorchampion of Czech Republic and Austria per 2 years, the Champion of Poland, Ukraine and Serbia, candidate for Champion of Czech Republic and the Interchampion.

She´s mother of successful dogs from her first litter: female LUCY Yangadoo´s Ivepet – Best Puppy Lhasa Apso on the TDE and the world dogshow 2009 in Bratislava and male CH.JCH. LEXUSS Ivepet – the Juniorchampion of Slovakia, champion of Serbia and Hungary in the age of 15 months

Lucky Girl Stará Bašta, Lhasa Apso Our Kennel´s Lhasa Apso including the Marco´s grandchild Lucky Girl Stará Bašta ("Linda") in autumn 2008.

Her father is a dog imported from Spain which is father of many successful individuals also at home and another countries. Linda in her 9 month became the Junior Club Winner 2009 and a months later she win the Juniorchampionship of Hungaria, Czech Republic and Slovakia, also Derby JuniorWinner of Hungaria.

She´s the champion of Slovakia, Serbia, Romania, candidate for the champion of Czech Republic, Hungary, Croatia, candidate for the Interchampion. She likes the shows a lot...

Yangadoo´s Quick Step to Ivepet, Lhasa Apso During the autumn 2009 Clavko´s daughter Yangadoo´s Quick Step to Ivepet ("Kiki") has arrived to us from the far Sweden.

Kiki get some shows over, she became the Champion of Serbia and Romania. At the moment she takes care about her first puppies...

BERRY-BERRY Ivepet, Lhasa Apso I also have to remember our Lhasa Apso female BERRY-BERRY Ivepet ("Bailinka"), which never liked shows but she loved to take care about her offsprings. She´s mother of some successful "singles" which representatived our breeding in our country and also abroad: ICH. Multi CH. Clavius Ivepet, CH. High Hopes Ivepet, JCH. Grenada Ivepet, Delianne Ivepet - she´s ín Croatia (Kennel FREY) and JCH. Ka-Khi-La Ivepet ... Bailinka finished her stage in breeding at the end of the year 2009...


•  26-04-2021

Summer´s puppies...

Summer´s puppies..., Lhasa Apso
...are here!!

•  25-02-2021


C.I.B. ARMANI IVEPET Latgate, Lhasa Apso
TOP Lhasa apso

•  25-02-2021


C.I.B. GRETA GARBO Ivepet, Lhasa Apso
TOP Lhasa apso

•  25-02-2021

C.I.B. HÉRA Ivepet

C.I.B. HÉRA Ivepet, Lhasa Apso
TOP Lhasa apso

•  17-11-2020

Christmas´s puppies...

Christmas´s puppies..., Lhasa Apso
...are here

•  28-03-2020


puppies..., Lhasa Apso
... are here !!

•  28-03-2020


BISS.MultiJCH. ARMANI IVEPET Latgate, Lhasa Apso
TOP Lhasa apso

•  28-03-2020

C.I.B. HÉRA Ivepet

C.I.B. HÉRA Ivepet, Lhasa Apso
TOP Lhasa apso

•  28-03-2020


C.I.B. GRETA GARBO Ivepet, Lhasa Apso
TOP Lhasa apso

•  20-08-2019


LOVE YOU LEXI Ivepet, Lhasa Apso
...10 weeks

•  27-07-2021


C.I.B. BISS. ARMANI IVEPET Latgate, Lhasa Apso
"Archie" in Czech...

•  12-07-2021


BISS. C.I.B. ARMANI IVEPET Latgate, Lhasa Apso
"Archie" in Nitra...

•  29-06-2021

ÓNYX Ivepet

ÓNYX Ivepet, Lhasa Apso
"Onyx" in PL...

•  21-06-2021


C.I.B. BISS. ARMANI IVEPET Latgate, Lhasa Apso
"Archie" at Club Dog Show

•  15-06-2021

OPRAH Ivepet

OPRAH Ivepet, Lhasa Apso
"Bety" at her 1st show...

•  07-06-2021

ÓNYX Ivepet

ÓNYX Ivepet, Lhasa Apso his 1st shows

•  08-10-2020


BISS. CH. ARMANI IVEPET Latgate, Lhasa Apso
"Archie" in Austria...

•  08-10-2020


C.I.B. GRETA GARBO Ivepet, Lhasa Apso
"GG" in Austria...

•  21-09-2020


BISS. CH. ARMANI IVEPET Latgate, Lhasa Apso
"Archie" BIG II...

•  14-09-2020


C.I.B. GRETA GARBO Ivepet, Lhasa Apso
"GG" at Club Show...